My name is Abi, although most people tend to spell it differently. I won’t say ‘wrong’ but…

I have another blog but I wanted to create this one just to get me writing! To have a focus other than well, doing nothing, when I’m at home. Of course, I do other things with my time as well but I’m hoping this will keep me active in the times when I would usually do things that ultimately don’t refresh me.

The best thing about me (although I can’t claim to be unique) is that I’m a daughter of the King. This will come across in my posts time to time. I’m not here to preach or teach or convert, just to think and process, maybe challenge.

If I say anything that upsets you or you disagree, please comment – that is, if I can work out how to make sure comments are enabled!

Thanks for stopping by.

p.s. photo by the incredible wedding/events photographer that is Bethany Harbord Photography

p.p.s. unless otherwise stated, all of the other photos on the blog either belong to me or are taken by me 🙂