The Lord is faithful.

Recently I have been struggling in hope, in faith, in my relationship with God. I haven’t been making any time for Him other than the quick ‘ah sorry I should speak to You more’. My hubby has always been the one to have faith, to hold faith, whatever it is in.

I have been so encouraged this week; let me explain.

Before getting married I told my SO that I wanted a car. I have been very used to driving, although I have been fortunate enough to be insured on my family’s car. He told me that he believed we were going to be given one, the thought at which I scoffed at, to be honest.

We’re told to ask and He’ll provide, but I guess I didn’t believe having a car would be that high up on God’s agenda for provision.

Anywho, we’re 9 months into marriage and still no car. I have since changed my work location and my SO has such early starts sometimes that there’s no buses running so a car would be pretty great. My parents also live a decent distance away so it would be nice to have the choice of when I go to see them etc.

It must have been this Monday that I said to my SO that I wanted us to get serious about buying a car; look to intentionally save for one and start searching. As much as he was happy to do so, he still believed we would be given one.

Two days later he gets a text from the pastor of our church asking if we’re still wanting a car, as someone is giving one away. Whoa now. Talk about God’s perfect timing!

So I am now writing this to you having picked the car up, and entirely overwhelmed by God’s goodness but most of all His faithfulness. He provided when I didn’t even have the faith.

What do you need that you’re afraid of asking for? Maybe you think it’s so insignificant that it doesn’t really matter, but just try. Give God the opportunity to show up and I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

If you’re reading this and you’re currently sitting in the place of waiting, patiently wait. Keep asking, keep listening, but know that He cares and His timing is perfect.


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