Daily Prompt: Value

Today’s Prompt: Value

Again, I’m picking up on yesterday’s prompt. Pretty sure that shows I should actually blog more!


This one stood out to me huge time, because I am passionate about people realising their value. The world tells us that our value is in how much we can give. How much we have to offer to our jobs, positions, family.

We do hold value in that, yes. But SO much more than that you hold value in who you are. Not what you do. Not how you can be of use. Not how you can give. Just you.

Your value is held in your existence. You, a son or daughter of God, are valuable and important. God knitted you together in your mother’s womb, and from that very moment, even before that moment, you were valued and important.

I know I’m just repeating the same things, but it’s because it is so essential!

Don’t think of value like money; more of it is better blah blah blah.. Value just is. Is something valuable? Yes or no. Are you valuable? ALWAYS YES.

Come to know your value to claim your identity. Know your value to those around you, that you are worth their affection. Speak these truths over yourself until you truly realise; I am valued.



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