Daily Prompt: Cake

Today’s Prompt: Cake

Do you ever find it hard to think of something other than what the picture is with the prompt, when there’s a picture, or is that just me?

Well, I tried to think outside the box. But in my life it’s a very small box (although if we’re talking about cake I’ll have one in a very big box please) so my mind topically jumped to Great British Bake Off.

GBBO is a great piece of TV, whether you watch it or you don’t. Those of you who don’t watch it probably (hopefully) know someone who does who either feels inspired by it to bake you things or has to buy food to sustain them through the episode.. all round win! And those of you who watch it, who doesn’t love the drama of it? I mean the biscuits last week, that was tense!! Holding out hope that the structures wouldn’t fall and the person you want to win doesn’t go out.

My friend and I chose who we thought might win from just the pictures and bios before the show kicked off.. I chose the ones with kind eyes so went for Benjamina and Rav (no offence others).. she went for Lee and Louise.. guess which one of us is happier with the current standing??

Anywho, what is it about GBBO that we love so much? Is it the cake? Yes. Is it the fleeting moments of bonding between contestants? Yes. Is it the are-they-accidental innuendos? Mostly definitely, yes. But most of all I think it’s because it shows that we are all a bit messy (unless you’re the one with the engineers degree), and there’s always a bit of uncertainty along the way.

Take the blind bake for one. “Instructions: bake a cake”. Okay, cool. A bit like “Life: live it”. Okay cool.. where do I start, how do I know I’m doing it right, what if I get it wrong?

Well (keeping on the GBBO analogy), sometimes it helps to look at and to those around you. What are they doing; what do you like in their lives; what would you do differently? Let that shape who you become, but don’t let it define you. Take advice from friends and family, but know it’s your decision at the end of the day whether you make a jaffa cake upside down or not – or take the biggest gamble and get it right.

Sometimes getting through life is like following all of the bakes you’ve done in practice. Just do the same as you’ve done before and you’ll get through it okay. For our own sanity life can’t always be like that, but sometimes it is, and sometimes that’s okay.

Other times it’s like the showstopper; one moment that blows all the others out of the water. You might have to put a lot of time and energy into something, but the end result is worth it. It might even be the case that sometimes people don’t even notice how awesome it is, but as long as you’re happy who really cares? If I made a cake half as good as the worst person in GBBO I’d be chuffed! It might look like a mess to others, but it would still be my best baking.

So there we are; how to be satisfied with life through GBBO and cake. Of course, just eat lots of cake as well, that always helps. I can’t decide if where I went was super lame or weirdly deep but I’m happy to have written it. Yay!


p.s. Apologies I’ve used the word ‘okay’ about a million times in this, but writing it is making me hungry so off I go to eat cake…


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