Daily Prompt: Melody

Today’s Prompt: Melody

I’ve always loved singing. I’m not one of those people on X Factor who says they could sing before they could talk or that they were a performing baby; I have just really enjoyed singing.

I know this prompt is about melody, but for my the first thing that springs to mind is singing (because I love it) (in case you didn’t pick up on that already). So I’m going to just keep on writing about singing.

It might be because I grew up in a church, so I was in an environment where I was likely to sing. Although, I can’t admit to loving singing in the first church I was in (my Dad was the vicar so it’s okay for me to say that) (yes, I’m a PK) (yes, I’m using loads of brackets today).

Okay having said I’ve always loved singing, I don’t remember being a huge part of my life until I was probably 9 or 10. I was part of the singing group at our school (too cool to call it a choir) and that was great. I also somehow knew how to harmonise so that was fun! My sister and I used to write songs, you know, about sandwiches in the sea, and alternate universes and jumping to the ceiling… all the normal stuff.

(I know this is really rambly, apologies, I am super tired).

Anywho, I kept singing my heart out at youth group and home and school, and I ended up singing in the band at our youth group. That was great! I honestly don’t think I’d be the person I am today without it. It challenged me against comparison, gave me confidence in who I was, and also gave me belonging – which I’ve often found hard to find.


I started finding I was being owned by this part of my identity. If I had lost singing right there I would not have a clue who I was. I would have been crushed, grumpy, and shut off to a lot of the world.

That’s when I realised my identity needs to not be singing, but it can be a part of my identity. Perhaps that sounds like the same thing to you, but for me that was a big thing to realise! ‘You are a good singer but that isn’t all you are. Without singing you wouldn’t be nothing. Without singing you’d still be a daughter, friend, an important person’.

Maybe you have something like that in your life, which without it you’d be lost. It’s okay to be passionate and to love something. It’s okay to be crushed if it’s taken away from you. But it’s not okay to wallow and it’s not okay for that to be your sole identity or purpose.

You are more than what you can do; you are who you are. I’m not sure if that makes sense or whether I’m trying too hard to be deep and it’s failing haha but it’s my blog so I’ll say what I like!

One of the best things about singing (other than the actual singing, of course) is the people you meet along the way. My Mum joined a choir a couple of years ago and it’s amazing to see how she’s been transformed through the singing, yes, but through the friends she’s made and the journey she’s been taking at the same time.

I chose this photo (not taken by me as I’m in it) because this was a Christmas carol service at my university made up of a choir who had practiced once before. And it was great fun! We didn’t necessarily sound the best and we certainly weren’t going to win any award, but it was enjoyable and I met people and best of all, I got to sing.

I really do applaud you if you reached it to the end of this post! I’m not really sure what I’m doing here, but I’m going to just write as me, all pressure off, and see how it goes. Thanks for your patience and have a lovely weekend!


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