Daily Prompt: Shiver

Today’s Prompt: Shiver

There’s something special about fighting off a shiver. Do I sound crazy or do you know what I mean?

I don’t mean the kind of shiver where your body feels like it’s about to shatter because you are shaking to your very core! More one of those summer-turning-to-autumn nights or perhaps winter-turning-to-spring; or knowing the UK, maybe even just a summer’s day!

Those times you’re willing to sacrifice the fact that you’re shivering for someone you’re talking with, they’re pretty precious. On a night out when you’re having a heart to heart with someone so you stay outside that little bit longer. Waiting for the bus to see someone even though you’re not dressed for the weather. Even suffering through a few shivers for a good photo or a beautiful sunset.

I think they’re all pretty precious and special moments. Not giving in to the body’s shiver but realising that sometimes, something else is more important than responding to your own body’s desire.

Having said that, you are shivering for a reason so don’t stay outside too long  😉

Of course, my first thought as the response to this prompt was to sing very loudly “CUS I SHIIIVER, I JUST BREAK UP” etc etc, much to the disdain of my husband, but thought this might be a little more interesting than me just reciting lyrics (probably incorrectly!).


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