Without focus we wouldn’t have a fulfilled life. Without focus we’re all aimlessly letting each day happen. When we lose focus, we strip ourselves of an important part of our identity.

Let’s start small with this. Think about a task you’ve had to do before that requires you to really be in it. Maybe finishing an exam, driving, playing a sport, performing music, painting, cleaning. How frustrating is it when someone distracts you? You’re lining up to take that perfect shot and someone laughs obscenely loud. You’re driving along and someone tries calling but you don’t have a fancy car so you glance down to see who’s calling. You’re in the middle of a sentence and someone interrupts you at the wrong point and you lose your train of thought.

Sometimes it’s not even obvious that it’s frustrating. Take the car example, it’s not like you are unable to continue driving if someone calls you. But it does, even subconsciously, distract you temporarily. In those moments terrible things can happen.

Just in the same way that someone who loses focus on their career or their purpose can fall into a pit of despair. The same way that a disgraced person with everything stripped from them can struggle to find meaning in anything.

Without focus we are lost.

Without focus, we lose a part of who we are.

It doesn’t have to be a career goal, it doesn’t even have to be a life goal, but there needs to be some focus in each and every one of our lives. It gives us drive: drive to finish our degree, to get a better job, to keep a tidy house, to serve our family, the list goes on.

What’s your focus, even today, even right now? Whether it’s to get through the day without an anxiety attack, whether it’s to go for a walk, whether it’s even to write a blog, what’s your focus?

Maybe if we all woke up thinking about our focus for the day we would not only feel a greater sense of purpose, but we would begin stepping into our identity even more. Whatever’s important to you becomes your focus. Sometimes we get thrown off course with our own selfish needs and our focus shifts to something unhealthy – more money, more power, more authority – but these will drive us into the ground.

How do we know when our focus is on something unhealthy?

Fortunately, there’s someone who knows you and knows what is best for you. He knows where you can flourish and where you may fall. He wants to help you thrive, and guide you in your focus. Do you know Him? Jesus made it possible for us to access God in such a tangible way that all we have to do is ask and He will come. He will guide us, He will return hope and restore focus.

Even writing this has been a return of focus for me. Blogging is a way for me to be me, even when I don’t think it is. I return to it, and every time I feel better, more free; it just feels right. Do you have anything like that? If so, press into it. And if you can ask Him alongside you, it’s all for the better. It’s all for good. He loves you, and He wants to help you. The more ‘you’ you feel, the more freedom you’ll experience.

I’m going to leave you with something I heard tonight spoken over a lovely man who was being baptised (paraphrased): God is not trying to fit you into His box, but He is helping you become more like the person you were intended to be, uniquely and wholly you.

Let’s turn our focus to the things that keep us feeling alive and keep us going; most importantly let’s turn our eyes to Jesus and His wonderful purpose for us.


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