Daily Prompt: False


Today’s Prompt: False

It has been a while since I last wrote, which is a shame as I was getting into a great routine of setting aside at least 10 mins a day to post a blog.

Part of the reason I lost that was because I went on a gorgeous (but kinda brief!) holiday to the South of France for my friend’s wedding celebration. Even the storm in the mountains that took place was manageable because it was pretty awesome! It cleared up juuuust in time for the outdoor ceremony as well – you just know that wouldn’t happen in England!

Anywho, before going and since coming back I’ve been using the excuse of losing my routine, or not having the energy to write a blog. I’ve been telling myself that doing other things aka nothing aka Netflix binge is what is going to make me feel better.


I finally had an evening when I put a worship stream on, sat down to do some knitting (yup, that’s right), and took time to just be. One of the ways I feel most ‘me’ is blogging. So why have I let myself believe that I don’t have the energy for it?

Is it me being lazy? Or is it the fact that evil sneaks into our heads and keeps placing those thoughts that are false? I guess it’s a bit of both; maybe one leads to the other or they’re inextricably linked – either way, I now know that the idea that blogging will tire me is false. It’s just a challenge to keep believing it, to persevere through the hard days and to sit tight through the dry times.

I never want this to become a chore, but I’m happy for it to be a discipline. I’m not going to get mad if I miss a day but I’m going to push myself to start up again. And you’re allowed to challenge me on that if you haven’t seen me for a while!

I’m back again, and this time hopefully here to stay.


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