Daily Prompt: Summer

Today’s Prompt: Summer

Summer. It takes on a whole different meaning once you’re into work life, doesn’t it? No longer can you dream of weeks off, of seeing friends, of little breaks away. Well, you can, but it’s a lot more restricted; to evenings, to days off. Unless you’re a teacher or something I guess – but you sure as heck deserve it!

This summer I have few plans. At the end of next week I’m off to the south of France for a few days to celebrate my friends’ wedding. I’m hoping to get at least a bit of a tan on! I then have 4 days to take for the rest of the year (honeymoon took up most of my holiday!). I haven’t really travelled much so France will be lovely.

That’s not to say I don’t love and appreciate the summer – I really do! I do, however, find myself envying people who get to sit outside or go on walks or go away even more during this time. Even people who are working but don’t have to sit in the same building all day. It’s not great, I know. I’m trying to get the balance between ‘the grass is always greener’ and knowing when it’s time to move on, but it’s often hard to tell.

I do love having the door open at work, and the windows open at home. To have the fresh air without the concern of freezing is pretty great – although with the British summer you can never be quite sure! Today when I left the house it was a little chilly and pouring with rain. When I came back from work it was glorious sunshine and I felt a little out of place dressed in black with my IKEA umbrella (they are the best).

So there we are – summer. I love it, but it makes me feel nostalgic. Summer, keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll continue to have a love/hate relationship and that’s okay.




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