Daily Prompt: Natural

Today’s Prompt: Natural

Ahhh. When I first saw the word I read it as ‘nature’ and, to be honest, was buzzing! I flipping love nature! I’m that person who adds #natureismylovelanguage to my instagram posts – just because I’m cool of course. But seriously, I love nature. It draws me closer to God in a way that is so incredible and peaceful, just observing and enjoying and being in His presence. Imagine what the garden of Eden must have been like! Wow.

Anywho… turns out (as you can see!) the prompt is actually natural. Where do I go from here? Let’s think about this. For nature to be natural, it must be free from ‘additives’ or chemicals or too much intervention. You can choose from naturally grown produce if you’d like. Free from too much process.

So what do we mean when we say that someone is natural? Think about a friend, an acquaintance, a stranger that you’ve met that you’ve attributed that characteristic to.

‘She’s a natural beauty’
‘He’s a natural with children’
‘The job is just so natural to them’

I think there’s a purity in the natural-ness. There’s something we view as untainted by all the crap that can fill our lives. It’s something someone seems to have been born with, perhaps. A natural beauty tends to be a person who wears little or no make up yet still outshines all the rest. A natural with children just seems to know what their doing without any interference from others. Being natural at a job, it being second nature, is something that appears to be built within that person.

All of those involve freedom. Mostly freedom from others. Bear with me here, I’m thinking as I type! That’s not to say isolation brings about a sense of being natural. Think about a wildflower meadow or a (seemingly) untouched beach; there tends to be a sense of peace, a bizarre yet real sense of wholeness, no? Maybe it’s just me but I find myself so at ease around it all.

Maybe to be natural is to absorb the sun’s rays, to turn our face towards it, enjoying those around us without the influence of the crummy parts of the world. There tends to be a joy in it as well. A joy in the knowledge that who you are with is comfortable with themselves. That the reason they can’t stop smiling is because they’re happy, not nervous.

And the final thing that I’m going to say is that I don’t think it can be strived for or learnt. That’s not to say if you don’t have a sense of being natural right now you’ll never have it! No; it’s often a result of something else. Of a wholeness in your identity. You’ll find more and more that people are drawn to you and drawn to the very ‘natural-ness’ of your being. But it’s a by-product. If you want to appear natural at something that you’re rubbish at, you have to practice and practice and practice until one day it’s second nature.

And there, you will find you are not only a natural at something, but you are natural in your very being; untainted and joyful even when surrounded by sorrow.


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