Daily Prompt: Simplicity


Today’s prompt: Simplicity

What is it to live in simplicity?

Is it to ‘simply live’? Is it to withhold from yourself the luxuries that those around you have? But then, what counts as a luxury? Chocolate, clothes, vehicles, meat?

I won’t lie, I don’t have much to offer today. I don’t feel hugely motivated by the word simplicity. To me if feels like a bland word, you know? That’s not a criticism of the choice of prompt but just how I feel about the word. Like how words such as ‘onomatopoeia’ are awesome and others like ‘plinth’ just feel a bit weird (Miranda, anyone?)

Oh gosh, I’m rambling. I just needed to post today!

People whose lives are filled with simplicity have a lot of respect from me. To have de-cluttered their lives – maybe not physically – is something I aspire to. To stop the crap of life getting in the way.

So as much as I find the word pretty dull, it’s a state of mind I do aim to have.

Goodnight world..



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  1. Don’t worry – there’s always at least one prompt a week that leavs me baffled! Be happy you got something out 🙂 I would love to live in simplicity too. Also, love the Miranda reference!


    1. abireid says:

      Thank you for the kind words!

      Liked by 1 person

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