Daily Prompt: Transformation

Today’s prompt: Transformation

To transform: undergo a marked change; make a marked change in the form, nature, appearance of.

Transformation represents a change of self, a difference from what something was to what it is now. It makes me think of another word: repentance.

I’m not sure what that word conjures up for you, even for me it still has negative connotations and mostly makes me think of those street preachers who shout repentance and try to fear-monger people into believing there’s a God (bless them, Lord!).

In its simplicity repentance is about turning from old ways to new. It involves recognising what we might have done which isn’t too helpful for us or for us in getting closer to God and asking for forgiveness. Turning from selfish ways of thinking what I can get out of situations and turning to how God can be glorified. Glorifying God can be tiring, but it is always amazing. Even if it’s choosing to be positive at work rather than moaning. How much better does it make you feel if you’re positive?? And when you get to do that alongside God it’s amplified a million times.

What have you got in your life right now you need to repent for? That you need to recognise, ask for forgiveness, and turn towards His love? Remember it’s not just a turning away from the old ways but a realisation of the new. Replacing the bitterness with love. Returning anger with peace.

In this repentance, you will find you are transformed into a new person, into a new way of thinking, and along with it will come closeness with God and a real sense of joy and peace.


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