Photo Challenge: Numbers

Hello and welcome! I’m not too sure who I’m welcoming, maybe just myself? If you have somehow stumbled upon this page, you are very welcome as well.

I’m here to try to write more. To respond to the photo and word challenges to get me writing and thinking more, not just switching off after work. So here we are: the photo challenge of Numbers. Does that work as a Pingback? Am I doing this right? I feel like it has? Well, if not at least I’m here, and I’m writing.


My photo is a little bit of a cheat to be honest; it was taken by my wonderful friend and incredible photographer Bethany Harbord. It was taken on our wedding day. As I wanted to get started with this whole blogging thang I wanted a photo already taken and this just caught my eye – yes because it is beautifully taken and written by our talented friend Jo, but also because of all numbers, to me dates mean the most.

09.04.16 – a bunch of random numbers, really. But they hold so much meaning. Think about the important dates in your life; the birthdays, the exams passed, the goods days and the bad days. Some will stick around forever, whether you want them to or not. I have a few of those! Dates that make me think of people no longer in my life, for whatever reason. I also have so many positive dates and I’m sure there’s many more to come.

Here’s to the significance of numbers. Here’s to the beauty of dates, remaining with us momentarily or forever. Here’s to a diary full of dates of joy and reflection.


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